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Support: System Software Updates

PlayStation®Vita System Software Version 2.10

Other new or revised features in version 2.10

Main features in system software update version 2.10

Home screen

Managing icons in folders

You can now manage icons on the home screen in folders. Up to 10 icons can be added to a folder.

  • Up to 100 icons can be displayed on the home screen, including icons inside folders.

Creating a folder

Touch and hold the home screen to enter edit mode. Tap the icon you want to manage inside a folder and select [Create Folder] from the menu.

  • You can change a folder name. In edit mode, tap the folder and enter the desired name in the text-entry field displayed on the screen.

Adding icons to a folder

In edit mode, drag icons over a folder you want to add them to.

  • You can reorder icons inside a folder. In edit mode, tap the folder and drag icons you want to reorder to the desired positions.
  • A folder cannot be added within a folder.

Removing icons from a folder

In edit mode, tap a folder and drag the icons you want to remove outside of the folder.

  • If all icons are removed from a folder, the folder will be automatically deleted.

Info bar display

An icon now appears on the info bar when a PS Vita card is inserted.


Video playback

You can now watch streaming videos on a web page.

  • To watch streaming videos, a memory card must be inserted in your PS Vita system.
  • Some types of videos cannot be played.


Email messages in HTML format

Email messages in HTML format can now be displayed.
You can enlarge and read email messages that are in HTML format. When reading the message, double tap the screen to zoom in. The area around the spot you double tap is enlarged. Double tap the screen again to zoom out and return the message to its original size. You can also zoom in by pinching the screen out and zoom out by pinching the screen in.


Adding multiple email addresses to a contact

Up to five email addresses can now be added to a single contact.

Tap (Contact List) > (Options) and follow the on-screen instructions.


Mute Automatically

[Mute Automatically] has been added under [Sound & Display] as an option.
When this setting is turned on and headphones are disconnected from the headset jack, audio from the PS Vita system's speakers is automatically muted. To restore the original volume, press the VOL + button or the VOL – button. When listening to music under (Music), tap (Play).


Controlling with buttons on the system

The number of applications you can control using the buttons on the PS Vita system has been increased.

You can now control the following applications:

  • (near)
  • (Browser)
  • (Remote Play)
  • (Content Manager)
  • (Email)

You must first tap the (Settings) > [Start] > [System] > [Control with Buttons on PS Vita System] checkbox to set a checkmark to allow control with the buttons on the PS Vita system. After the control is enabled, when you press a button on the PS Vita system on a screen that supports button control, a cursor will appear on the screen.