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Support: System Software Updates

PlayStation®Vita System Software Version 1.81


Downloading PS one® Classics (PlayStation® Format software)

You can now download and play PS one® Classics (PlayStation® Format software) on your PS Vita system.

- Some PS one® Classics are not compatible with the PS Vita system.

PS one® Classics can be downloaded from (PS Store), or downloaded from
(PlayStation®Store) on a PS3™ system and copied to your PS Vita system. For details, see the user's guide.

When the PS one® Classic that you purchased for use on the PSP™ or PS3™ systems later becomes available for the PS Vita system, you can re-download and play it on your PS Vita system. Download the software again from the [Download List] in PlayStation®Store.

(Group Messaging)

Taking a photo and adding as an attachment

You can now use the camera while creating a message to take a photo and attach it to the message.

To use the camera and take a photo while creating a message, tap (Attach File) > [Take Photo]. The photo you take will then be attached to the message.


Using Playlist

You can use playlists.

You can copy playlists created on a PS3™ system or in iTunes to your PS Vita system. For details about copying, see the user's guide.

- You must have iTunes version 10.6.3 or later.


Variable speed playback

You can now change the playback speed of a video.

  • While a video is playing, display the operation buttons and tap (1.5x playback). To return to normal speed, tap (1.0x playback).
  • While a video is playing, press the ? button or ? button. You can increase or decrease the playback speed by 0.1x every time you press the ? button or ? button, respectively. Possible playback speed range is between 0.5x to 2.0x.

You can also use the left stick for this operation.


Fast-rewind / Fast-forward

While a video is playing, press the ? button or ? button. You can switch between three levels of speed every time you press the button. If you hold down the button, you can fast-rewind or fast-forward until the button is released.

You can also use the left stick for this operation.


Repeat play

You can now set video content to play repeatedly.

While a video is playing, tap the [Repeat] checkbox under (Options) > [Settings] to set a checkmark.


Generating thumbnails automatically

A thumbnail will now automatically be generated when there is no thumbnail information for content.


Controlling with buttons on the system

You can now control the home screen and some features in applications using the buttons on your PS Vita system.

You can control following features.

  • Home screen
  • LiveArea™ screens
  • Index screen
  • Notification list
  • Menus in PSP™Game software (games for the PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) system) and PlayStation® format software*
  • (Music)*
  • (Video)*
  • (Settings)*
  • (Help)

*Only some features can be operated.

You must first tap (Settings) > [Start] > [System] > [Control with Buttons on PS Vita System] checkbox to set a checkmark to allow control with the buttons on the PS Vita system. After the control is enabled, when you press a button on the PS Vita system on a screen that supports button control, a cursor will appear on the screen. The cursor will disappear after a few seconds. Press any button to display the cursor again.

Button control examples

Controllable features vary by application and the type of screen that is displayed.

Directional buttons
/ Left stick
Select an application or an item
button Confirm the selected item
button Cancel operation
button Display the options menu or the control panel
L button / R button When the LiveArea™ screen is open, switch between the home screen and the LiveArea™ screen

Switching to touch operation

Tap the screen. If you want to use the buttons on your PS Vita system again, press any button. A cursor will appear on the screen and button control is enabled.


Japanese keyboard (syllabary layout)

A Japanese keyboard (syllabary layout) has been added.
Tap the [] checkbox under (Settings) > [Start] > [Language] > [Input Languages] > [Keyboards / Add Terms] > [Japanese] to set a checkmark and enable the keyboard. Once you enable the keyboard, you can then switch between keyboards. For details about switching between keyboards, see the user's guide.


Obtaining location data using Wi-Fi information

Even when you cannot connect your PS Vita system to the Internet, the system periodically records information from Wi-Fi access points in the vicinity. Using that information, the PS Vita system obtains location data when the system is connected to the Internet. To obtain location data, following conditions are required:

  • Tap the [Obtain location automatically at regular intervals] checkbox under (near) > [Start] > [Settings] > [Location Data] to set a checkmark to enable the setting.
  • You are within the area of location based services. To view the coverage map for the service, select the following link:


Deleting multiple friend requests at once

You can now delete multiple friend requests at once.
On the friend request screen, tap (Options) > [Delete All].

(Group Messaging)

Change to [Create message] location

[Create Message] has been removed from the LiveArea™ screen and options menu. It is now displayed on the screen that lists groups.

(Group Messaging)

Deleting groups

A feature to delete groups has been added on the screen that lists groups. On the screen that lists groups, tap (Options) > [Delete], set a checkmark to the checkboxes for the groups you want to delete, and then tap [Delete].

(Group Messaging)

Selecting recipients

The method of selecting a recipient has been changed. Also, you can now select a recipient from the players in a party.

Tap (Create Message) > [Add Recipient] on the screen that lists groups, and then select the recipient to whom you want to send a message.


Returning to the top of a page

A feature to go back the top of a page has been added.

With a page open, tap (Back to Top of Page) to return to the top of the page.


Controlling the browser with the rear touch pad

You can now control some features with the rear touch pad. Tap (Options) > [Settings] > [Use Rear Touch Pad] checkbox to set a checkmark and enable control with the rear touch pad.

Scrolling up and down Flick or drag
Zooming out on a web page Double tap

(Remote Play)


(Cross-Controller) has been added to the LiveArea™ screen.
The Cross-Controller feature enables you to enjoy a game using dual screens by wirelessly connecting your PS Vita system and PS3™ system. You can use your PS Vita system as a controller for your PS3™ system to operate PlayStation®3 format software. Use the rich features of the PS Vita system, such as the touchscreen, the rear touch pad, the high-precision six-axis motion sensor, and the camera.

With a game which requires downloading application data (game data) from a PS3™ system to a PS Vita system, start the Cross-Controller application to download the application to a PS Vita system. Tap (Remote Play) > (Cross-Controller), and follow the on-screen instructions.


Switching between search for location and for directions

A button to switch between (Search for Location) and (Search for Directions) has been added.
Tap the button to switch between search types.


Date & Time Settings

The menu items under [Date & Time] > [Date & Time Settings] have been changed.

Set via Internet

Set Automatically When your PS Vita system is connected to the internet, date and time information is acquired automatically once a day.
Set Now Your PS Vita system connects to the internet and acquires date and time information.

Set Manually

If you select this option, you can manually set the year, month, day, hour and minute (and AM and PM when using the 12-hour clock). When you tap [OK], the date and time count will start from the hour and minute you set, and 0 seconds.


Changes a layout of category lists

In (Videos), (Music), and (Photos), the layout of category lists has been improved.

If you connect your PS Vita system to a PS3™ system or a computer, (PS3™ System) or (PC) will appear at the very top of the category list.


Changes to the notification list

The layout has been improved for the screen that appears when you tap the notification indicator.
You can now pause or cancel content downloads from the notification list.
Tap the notification indicator in the information bar, tap an item, and then tap [Pause] or [Cancel] under (Options).

  • By using (Options), you can resume, pause or cancel all the download items at once.


Improved (Help) feature

The (Help) feature on the LiveArea™ screen has been improved.

Zooming in and zooming out a page Double tap the screen, or pinch in or pinch out
Jumping to a specific page Tap the page number on the bottom of the screen, and then drag the slider