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Support: System Software Updates

PlayStation®3 System Software Version 4.53


Set the Group of Players Who Can See Your Trophies

You can now set the group of players who can see your trophies under PSN [PSN] > Account Management [Account Management] > Privacy Settings [Privacy Settings].
To change this setting, select [Show Trophies].

AnyoneAny player can see your trophies
Friends of FriendsYour Friends and their Friends can see your trophies.
Friends OnlyYour Friends can see your trophies
No OneNo one can see your trophies.
  • You can adjust for each game whether to show the trophies you earned. Go to PSN [PSN] > Trophy Collection [Trophy Collection] to select a game, press the button, and then select [Privacy Settings] from the options menu. To hide trophy information for a specific game, remove the checkmark from [Show Trophies for This Game] for that game.


Support for BD/DVD closed captions

You can now display closed captions when playing BDs and DVDs.

Displaying Closed Captions

1. Select [On] under (Settings) > (Video Settings) > [Closed Captions].

2. Press the button during content playback to display the control panel.

3. Select [Closed Captions] under (Subtitle Options).

  • This setting is active only with content supporting closed captions.