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Silent Hill Book of Memories

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Silent Hill Book of Memories

Book of Memories is an all-new game in the Silent Hill series, with a unique premise and storyline. The story begins with a strange book that is received, inside that book is your entire life story to this point, everything that’s ever happened to you; all of your memories. You discover that by altering what’s written… you can actually change the past. You can write your own ideal history.

A departure for the series, with a focus on co-operative multiplayer action rather than traditional Psychological Horror. Players can work together as they explore several different Otherworlds, solving puzzles and defeating creatures to advance through the Nightmares and uncover the truth behind the Book of Memories. Scare rooms, limited resources, and dark atmosphere all return—but in a gameplay package specifically designed to take advantage of the PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system.

Book of Memories is a macabre celebration of the best that Silent Hill has to offer. Players will encounter items and Creatures culled from over a decade of Silent Hill lore, including a special someone who walks softly and carries a gigantic knife.

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Silent Hill Book of Memories
Genre Action, Adventure
Publisher Konami Digital Entertainment Inc.
Available Platform PS Vita
Release Date 10.30.2012
Players 4
Max Online Players 4
Downloadable Content Yes
ESRB Mature
Blood and Gore
Suggestive Themes

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PlayStation®Vita Touchscreen


The touchscreen is used to interact with the game in a variety of ways, from navigating menus to picking up weapons and objects in-game.

PS Vita Rear Touch Pad

Rear Touch

The rear touch pad is used to control the special "Karma Abilities" the player can unlock—these are large attacks and each one has a different mechanic the player will need to learn to use it effectively.

PS Vita Microphone


The Microphone is used in multi-player when the voice over IP option is toggled “on” to communicate with other players.

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