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Reality Fighters™

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Reality Fighters™

Put yourself in the battle with Reality Fighters! Use the PlayStation®Vita System front and back cameras to scan your face or your friends' faces to create your own personalized fighters, complete with unique fighting and visual style. Choose from several distinct (and crazy) fighting styles such as Wrestling, Muay Thai and even Ballet. Compliment your characters with over 400 costume pieces and 40 weapon types. With augmented reality technology, the world is literally your arena as the stages you brawl in are determined by the environment around you.

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Reality Fighters™ Live Chat with John McLaughlin

02/29 12:00PM PST

Reality Fighters™
Genre Fighting
Publisher SCEA
Available Platform PS Vita
Release Date 03.12.2012
Players 1-2
Max Online Players 1-2
Downloadable Content Yes
Comic Mischief
Mild Language
Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB

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PS Vita Front and Rear Camera

Front & Rear Cameras

Scan your face and personalize your own fighter

PlayStation®Vita Touchscreen


Own the fight and perform quick combos using the front and rear touchscreens

PS Vita Microphone


Create your own battle cries and victory slogans

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