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Lemmings™ Touch

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Control the fate of the lovable Lemmings with your fingertips.

  • Save the clumsy Lemmings from certain doom in over 100 perilous new levels, puzzles and all-new ways to play.
  • Control your green-haired friends using the PS Vita touchscreen and assign them jobs and abilities using the intuitive new Skill Cloud.
  • Beware of the fiery red mischievous Lemming - he's waiting to invade your levels, cause trouble and spread even more mayhem.
  • Zoom in and use the touchscreen to activate special objects to save your Lemmings - like cannons, trampolines and movable platforms.

Hints and Tips

Need a hand keeping your clumsy new Lemmings alive? Check out our Top Tips for a better chance of survival.

  • Think you know Lemmings? Think again… the green haired critters are back in Lemmings Touch for the PlayStation®Vita system with a whole new set of puzzles and ways to play… not to mention many, many more ways to meet their doom.
  • Whether you're a long-time Lemmings fan or are experiencing the mayhem for the first time, Lemmings Touch is the most accessible version yet.
  • Although anyone can pick up and play, we've got some hints and tips to help you guide the cute – but dim-witted – Lemmings through the fiendishly designed levels.
  • For each level, it's best to take a moment to look around, find the exit and start planning how you’re going to get your little friends there safely – before they're released and the chaos begins. There's often more than one route to the exit, so be sure to pick the one that matches the skills available to your Lemmings.
  • There is a list of various objectives for you to complete, so remember to keep checking back to make sure you've achieved them before you move on. Checking off objectives will earn you coins that can be spent on crazy costumes for your Lemmings in the "Look and Style" menu. Perfect for strutting your stuff on the catwalk… then falling off the end of it into a fiery pit of torment.
  • Every Lemming is precious, and saving as many as possible, as fast as you can, will earn you up to three stars at the end of each level. The more stars you collect, the more levels and challenges will open up throughout the game, so try to collect all three before moving on to the next level.
  • Lemmings Touch features the all-new Skill Cloud – an intuitive, touchscreen controlled replacement for the traditional row of jobs at the bottom of the screen that you might be used to from previous Lemmings games. Tap a Lemming and the Skill Cloud will appear, allowing you to assign a job to that Lemming; better still, you can drag the cloud to any position on the screen so it doesn't get in the way of those split-second life or death decisions.
  • There's a new Lemming in town – and he doesn't play well with others. For the first time in a Lemmings game, this is one mischievous critter that you don't want to save; if he reaches the exit, he'll ruin the party for everyone and it's game over. You'll be able to spot him, with his fiery red smock and horned hairstyle – and when you do, try to use him to your advantage; you can give him a job just like any other Lemming, without having to feel guilty if he’s squished, crushed or blown up.
  • Sometimes you'll need pixel-perfect precision to assign a job to a certain Lemming or to make sure they use their skills at exactly the right time – and that's no problem with the PS Vita touchscreen. Use your fingers to pinch and zoom closer to the action and pick out the right Lemming for the job; getting your timing or position wrong could mean the difference between bridging a gap… or plummeting to an early death, so be prepared to get up close and personal with your clumsy friends.
  • With Lemmings not being the brightest creatures around, they can't do it all on their own. But never fear, help is at hand; some levels contain certain objects that you'll notice pulsing, to indicate that you can interact with them to help save the calamitous little blighters. Give the item a press and you could move a platform, angle a cannon, position a trampoline or lots of other things that could save each Lemming's bacon when things get hectic.
    • Think you're ready to take on Lemmings Touch? It’s available to download right now from PlayStation®Store.

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Lemmings™ Touch
Genre Puzzle
Publisher SCEE
Available Platform PS Vita
Release Date 05.27.2014
Players 1
Max Online Players 0
Downloadable Content Yes
ESRB Everyone
Mild Fantasy Violence
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