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Disgaea®3: Absence of Detention

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Disgaea®3: Absence of Detention

Lift & Throw, Magichange, Evilities, etc. There are tons of game features in Disgaea 3 that allow players to do almost anything they want in battle. This wacky, yet innovative game style has been praised by hardcore gamers around the world, and is now set to join the HD handheld revolution with Absence of Detention, an expanded, enhanced special release for PlayStation Vita system!

Ultimate Replay Value

Disgaea 3 is made specifically so players can replay the game for more than 100 hours. Example: Level 9999, damage that goes over a million, level ups for items/skills, randomly generated dungeons, user generated content.

Stupidity & humor

Both the game system and story has a comedic and ridiculous tone. Players will sure to get a laugh out of this game!

Multiple Endings

There will be a total of 8 different endings. Depending on how you respond and progress through the story, the end will completely change.

Magichange (Transformation)

Monster units can be transformed into weapons when they are next to a human-type unit on the battle map. Human-type units will then equip the transformed monster unit and attack enemies with it.


You can lift and throw objects and character units to move them around the battlefield. Lift a lot of units and do a tower attack.


You can set up various skills (Evility) to each character. This will allow you to customize the characters to have different specialties.

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Disgaea®3: Absence of Detention
Publisher NIS America, Inc.
Available Platform PS Vita
Release Date 04.17.2012
Players 1
Max Online Players 1
Downloadable Content PSN
Alcohol Reference
Mild Fantasy Violence
Mild Language
Mild Suggestive Themes

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PS Vita Motion Sensor
Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

Tilt your PS Vita system to slide the Prinny around on the initial loading screen! Look at that Prinny go! That dood is crazy!

PS Vita Rear Touch Pad

Touchscreen and
Rear Touch Pad

Use the touchscreen to scroll through menu windows with ease. Use the rear touch pad to rotate the camera angle or tap your characters at the HQ to move them around. The power is at your fingertips!

Location Data Aquisition Service

Take your PS Vita system with you anywhere you go to increase your Honor Quotient. With a high Honor Quotient, you will be able to gain more experience points, Mana points, get discounts at item shops, etc. Your Honor Quotient can be improved via winning battles, increasing your total play time, and by other means as well.

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