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Borderlands 2

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Over-the-Top 'Shoot and Loot' Action Comes to the PS Vita system.

The critically acclaimed and bestselling role-playing-shooter hybrid, Borderlands 2, is now available for the PS Vita system! Stuffed with 6 Add On Packs, Borderlands 2 on PS Vita system delivers hours upon hours of signature addictive Borderlands loot-shoot gameplay.

  • Borderlands 2 experience on the PS Vita system – The critically acclaimed and bestselling role-playing shooter hybrid now available on the go
  • 6 Playable Character Classes - Including Mechromancer and Psycho expansion classes
  • Includes 6 Add On Packs:
    – Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage Add On Campaign
    – Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty Add On Campaign
    – Psycho Character Class Add On
    – Mechromancer Character Class Add On
    – Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 1
    – Collector's Edition Pack
  • Cross Save with your PS3 system – Continue your save file on your PS3 system and vice versa. PS3 version sold separately.
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Borderlands 2
Publisher SCEA
Available Platform PS Vita
Release Date 05.13.2014
Players 1
Max Online Players 2
Downloadable Content
ESRB Mature
Blood and Gore
Intense Violence
Sexual Themes
Use of Alcohol
PlayStation®Vita Touchscreen


Navigate Menus, maps, and view objects with the front touchscreen.

PS Vita Rear Touch Pad

Rear Touch Pad

Map custom controls to the rear touchpad.

PS Vita Cross Play

Cross-Platform Save (PS3)

Continue your save file on your PS3 and vice versa with Cross-Save.

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