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The first kart racing game set in the popular BEN 10 universe features Ben and his alien friends competing in an over-the-top, galactic grand prix through a variety of tracks on five massive worlds! Compete for the best times in the high-speed grand prix modes or engage in four-player multiplayer mayhem!

  • Enhanced to showcase the interactivity features of PlayStation®Vita System, including rear touch, front touch and six-axis motion sensors.
  • Fast-paced racing action set in the BEN 10 universe and based on the hit Cartoon Network TV show.
  • Race in over 30 different karts in 25 exhilarating and challenging grand prix tracks spread across 5 environmental worlds from the BEN 10 universe.
  • 15 characters for players to race as, including heroes like Ben, Kevin and 10 of Ben’s most popular alien forms.
  • An "Ultimate" power move unleashes a super charged, race changing boost of speed and power themed to each character's abilities.
  • Drifting and mid-air stunts that both add to the excitement of the race and charge up character-specific attacks and defenses.
  • Single-player and Multiplayer modes include: Single Race, Grand Prix Circuit, Time Trials, Short Circuit, and Arena Showdowns (multiplayer only).
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Publisher D3Publisher
Available Platform PS Vita
Release Date 02.22.2012
Players 1
Max Online Players 0
Downloadable Content Yes
ESRB Everyone
Comic Mischief
Mild Cartoon Violence
PS Vita Motion Sensor
Motion Sensor


Six-axis motion sensors allow you to steer your kart with precision in any direction by tilting the PS Vita system

PS Vita Rear Touch Pad


Increase your chances of winning the race by pulling off mid-air stunts, flips, and tricks with ease using the PS Vita System Rear Touch Pad

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