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Treasure Park

Treasure Park

Discover secret treasure with logic and lucky guesses by downloading Treasure Park today absolutely free.

Use touch-screen controls to design your treasure-laden puzzle sheets, and share your creations with fellow hunters through the “near” feature of your PS Vita system, using a 3G* or Wi-Fi connection.

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Design your puzzle sheets any way you like and position booby traps to catch out would-be treasure hunters.


Discover and share puzzle sheets wherever you are with the PS Vita system’s “near” feature – using a 3G* or Wi-Fi connection.


Earn rewards every time someone plays one of your created puzzle sheets.



Important Notices

  • Gameplay requires a PlayStation®Vita memory card (sold separately).
  • In order to play Treasure Park you need to sign into PlayStation®Network.
  • This title supports the “near” collection function. This function might not be available depending on your age or settings. For more information, refer to the PlayStation®Vita User’s Guide.
  • To use “near”, you need a Sony Entertainment Network account and a PlayStation®Network ID.
  • You can read this title’s instruction manual via its LiveArea™ – just select the question mark icon.

*3G connection and GPS features only available on PS Vita 3G model.