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PSP®go System

PSP®go System Overview

It's go time

PSP®go system

The PSP®go system is small but mighty. Built-in Wi-Fi* lets you download whatever you want, the second you want it, including hundreds of full games, add-ons, free demos, and the latest movies and TV shows from PlayStation®Store. Save everything directly to your giant 16GB hard drive: no need to carry around handfuls of game disks and memory sticks, although the Memory Stick Micro™ is always there if you need more room. Join online multiplayer games and use built-in Bluetooth support to connect to a wireless headset or call friends’ PSP® systems, cell phones and landlines using our built-in Skype™** connection.Squeeze all those features into a space 43% smaller than the original PSP®system, add an ultra-crisp 3.8 inch LCD screen, high quality graphics, and robust game-play and you get the full experience of a console, but playable anywhere and everywhere.

It's go time

  • Ultra-portable design. 43% smaller than the original PSP® system and no discs to carry.
  • 16 GB of Flash Memory provides plenty of space for games, movies, TV shows, photos and much more
  • Sleek, slide screen design easily fits into your pocket
  • Bluetooth® Enabled
  • Full multimedia capabilities including music, photos, videos, internet browsing, Skype™, internet radio and many more
  • Robust gameplay and crisp graphics that are only possible on the PSP®go system

PlayStation®Network anywhere

  • PSone® classics, movies and TV shows and of course tons of popular games and hit franchises
  • Hundreds of titles available for full game downloads and over 16,000 pieces of content available from the PlayStation®Store with much more to come
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