Limited Edition Hannah Montana PSP® Entertainment Pack

Girlz Play Too

Designed especially for girls, the Hannah Montana Entertainment Pack includes a gorgeous lilac PSP® 3000 system, new Hannah Montana DVD, purple page of stickers and, of course, the Hannah Montana: Rock Out the Show video game. Girls can design and star in their own personal Hannah Montana rock show, travel to seven amazing locations around the world and customize their concerts. Design each performance including stage sets, song lists, and performers. Create a custom show in each city you visit and rock the stage for your fans.

The PSP® system itself is still sleek and portable and features an advanced LCD screen with the widest color gamut, highest contrast ratio, and best response time available in a portable LCD. It has anti-reflection technology and a built-in microphone to enhance both multi-player gaming and enable SkypeTM calling. With all of this capacity, you can play Hannah Montana, watch the Hannah Montana movie, or download content from PlayStation®Store on the included 2GB Memory Stick DuoTM. Games, movies, music, Internet and Skype. It's all here. Watch it on the dazzling widescreen LCD screen or connect to a TV.

Entertainment Pack includes

  •  Lilac Purple PSP® 3000 system
  •  Dazzling, all-new, vibrant LCD screen
  •  Light Slim and Portable
  •  Piano Black
  •  Built-in microphone
  •  Play on any TV using video out (cables sold separately)

Hannah Montana: Rock Out The Show UMDTM game

  •  Hannah Montana UMDTM Movie- Featuring 3 episodes from the hit TV series
  •  PSP® vinyl stickers for customization
  •  2GB Memory Stick DuoTM
  •  Battery pack

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