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PSP® go and PSP-3000 systems

Big punch, small package

The PSP®go and PSP-3000 systems: powerful and portable

We built the PSP® systems to be slim, light and portable, with huge, ultra-crisp LCD screens so you can play hundreds of games and movies, browse the Internet and more. All the stunning graphics and entertainment you’d get with a console, but you can play it wherever, whenever.

Gaming with Your PSP®

The PSP® system can play hundreds of amazing games, from Buzz Master Quiz to SOCOM: Fire Team Bravo, starting at the awesome price of $9.99. Each title is created to maximize the potential of a portable player. Console-quality graphics and a powerful LCD screen make every game shine, and new games are never in short supply. Download them directly to your PSP®go system from PlayStation®Store or load up on Universal Media Disks (UMD®) to play on your PSP®-3000 system.

PSP® Greatest Hits

PSP® Greatest Hits

All PSP® GREATEST HITS are now only $14.99

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PSP® Favorites

PSP® Favorites

New PSP® games for only $9.99

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Multiplayer on the PSP®system

The PSP® system offers two great ways to play games with multiple players:

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