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It’s Alive! PlayStation®Network is the living, breathing hub of your game world. No matter what style of game, PSN is the place to play, battle, race and see how you measure up against the best. And with 77+ million registered users, there’s always someone new to take on, talk smack to or trade tips with.

Prove yourself: Online Gaming

Prove yourself: Online Gaming

On PSN, you can frag buddies to kingdom come, challenge the elite gamers and put trash-talking tweens in their place.
Take on the World:

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Extend the fun: Downloadable Content

The DLC explosion has seriously upped the replay value of your favorite games. PSN is your source of extra levels, fresh characters and costumes, and killer bonus weapon packs.

Try joining the Uncharted 3: Fortune Hunters Club and you’ll automatically get 14 DLC packs for Drake’s newest adventure – all at huge savings. Or grab the Back to Karkand expansion pack for boldly re-imagined classic Battlefield maps and much more.

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Extend the fun: Downloadable Content

Hottest PSN games and exclusives

Hottest PSN games and exclusives

You’ll always find gaming’s next big thing on the PlayStation®Network. More and more studios are releasing downloadable PSN games every bit as action-packed and satisfying as marquee titles.

Take Journey™, the mind-bending indie creation of that game company, available exclusively on PSN. Stunning visuals combine with innovative co-op play for an experience unlike any other. Try the wicked fun of brawler Shank 2 or inFamous: Festival of Blood.

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Relive PlayStation® Classics

All hail the PS originals. These old-school titles turned millions of us into die-hard gamers. Whether you wanna reignite an old obsession or see what all the fuss was about, PSN lets you download hundreds of epic classics, including:

Relive PlayStation® Classics

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