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Tiny Brains

Tiny Brains is an online multiplayer game, with co-op campaign, challenge and competitive modes. Players control different superpowers and solve puzzles multiple ways.

Out: 12.02.2013Genre: Party,Puzzle
Publisher: 505 GamesDeveloper: Spearhead Games

Game Details

"Tiny Brains" is a cooperative puzzle that follows four super-powered lab animals in their attempt to escape a mad scientist's experiments. In this joyously chaotic multiplayer game, the four "Tiny Brains" must combine their unique physics-based powers to navigate through a trick-ridden maze.

All of the puzzles in "Tiny Brains" can be solved multiple ways depending on how groups combine their powers.

Attractive to both hardcore and casual fans, the game has competitive leaderboards and challenging fast paced communicative play along with simple controls so players of any level can jump right in.


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