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Xam'd: Lost Memories

Tranquil Sentan Island is surrounded by the Yuden sea, protecting it from the way between the Northern Government and Southern Continent factions. Akiyuki Takehara lives there with his mother, and despite his parents’ separation his bond with his father, the town doctor, remains strong. But the serenity on the island is broken when Akiyuki and his best friends, Haru and Furuichi, become caught in an explosion on their school bus. During the explosion, a strange light enters Akiyuki. Without understanding how or why, he is transformed into a creature Xam’d. In this new state, he rampages through the until a mysterious girl, Nakiami, subdues him. She gives him a simple choice; come with her and live, or stay and be turned to stone. Accepting her offer, Akiyuki begins a journey to new lands in order to learn self-control and how to live with the Hiruko inside him, lest he suffer a horrible fate.

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