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Toward The Terra

The Earth is dying -- The air has been polluted, the nature has been destroyed, the ground has been poisoned and fish have disappeared from the sea. Humans are struggling and trying any possible measures to save the planet during the so-called “S.D. era”. The “Special Government System” has been established to control all life forms in the society where humans are forced to work like machine under computers’ control. Far away from the earth, there are people who have been excluded from the society because of their special power. These people are called “Mu.” If they are found on the earth, they are killed immediately because they are thought to be dangerous to the society. They hide their power from the government, and think to themselves who they really are and why they exist, and what the real purpose of the earth system is. Although humans avoid Mu people, they would like humans to recognize theire xistence. And they would like to step on the ground of their homeland, the earth…

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