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Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C3

When Yura Yamato arrives at Stella Girl’s Academy, she knows there’s something a little different about her dorm mates. But it’s not until her new roommate Sonora invites her to join a club called C3 that it all becomes clear. Because C3 stands for Command, Control and Communications, and NOW Yura understands why all of the other girls have model guns! It’s a survivalist club, and what her new friends like to do is shoot each other! It’s not exactly your typical teenage girl pastime, but Sonora and her friends Karira and Honoka are seriously into it. So faster than you can say “Bang, bang, you’re dead,” Yura and fellow new recruits Rento and Yachiyo are drafted into the ranks of the Caliber Centric Crowd!

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