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Parking Wars

The hit A&E real-life series Parking Wars returns for a fourth season and everyone’s favorite Philadelphia and Detroit characters are back to ticket, boot, tow and impound the cars of problem parkers – with even more unexpected and outrageous results. In Philly, Supervisor Jeff’s new squad includes “Hoagie Hero” Shawn, who calls for backup when confronted by a difficult citizen; veteran booter Garfield and partner Sherry, who get surrounded on a hostile street; former rookie pals Denise and Gina, who now cruise a South Street party beat; Brian, who slings one-liners with his tickets as he faces off against irate citizens; and Richie the rookie, who with his sculpted hair and plucked eyebrows, looks more at home at the Jersey Shore than writing tickets in Philly. In Detroit, smooth-talking “Ponytail” returns, refusing to back down when angry parkers challenge his authority.

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