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Enter the colorful, surprising and mischievous world of Mongrels... Let's meet the cast: Nelson is your typical everyday, spice-rack-owning, broadsheet-reading, metrosexual, urban fox. New to London, he is planning to make the absolute best of his new territory. There he meets Destiny, a sexy, pretentious wannabe Afghan hound with whom he falls in love; a wide-eyed, slow-brained street cat called Marion; Kali, a sarcastic pigeon and Vince, a wild, unashamed fox who's everything Nelson isn't. They may be furry, they may be feathered, they may be feral (some of them at least), but scratch their hairy surfaces and these guys are just five mixed-up kidults struggling with everyday emotional truths about life, love, sex, aspirations, desperations and shattered dreams.

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