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Guin Saga

Powerful Mongaul have attacked the city of Parros, destroying everything and everyone as they seek a magical device that will give them control of the Middle Country. But there are many obstacles standing in their way — the “royal pearls of Parros”, the young heirs, have magically escaped and are now being hunted by Mongol warriors and the bloodthirsty Lady Amnelis; the apelike Sem tribe who attack at will; and the gigantic natives of the desert Lagon clan, also resisting the forces of Mongaul. And there are terrifying natural forces as well — giant sandworms, slithering Yido who can consume entire battalions in mere seconds. But there is another brave warrior who is their most powerful challenger, and the greatest hope for peace in the land. After waking in the dark forest of the Roodwood, he cannot remember where he came from or who he is. The only thing he knows for sure is that he is a powerful warrior who wears a cursed mask of a leopard which he cannot free himself from.

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