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Duck Dodgers: Dark Side of the Duck

It's the twenty-fourth (and a half) century, and Earth's Galactic Protectorate has a new secret weapon...a frozen duck. After 351 years as a “duck-sicle,” Duck Dodgers has thawed out and gotten himself a large space ship, a crew and more responsibility than he deserves. This is a duck with way too much luck. In a startling case of résumé padding, Duck has convinced the people in charge of defending Earth that he was one of the planet's leading space explorers and a true hero. In fact, he is a lazy coward with an inflated ego. Still, Duck's creative deceit has worked; he has been given a starship and a crew – in the form of Eager Young Space Cadet Porky Pig. Wherever he goes, Duck Dodgers has an amazing ability to make any mission far more difficult than it needs to be. After all, saving the universe isn’t everything it’s quacked up to be!

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