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Dog the Bounty Hunter

You have heard the name. Now meet the legend as Duane 'Dog' Chapman lets you enter his world. This exciting series follows the real-life exploits of an expert bounty hunter. Each episode features Dog and his posse risking their necks while trying to bring in fugitives from the law. Capturing fugitives is no easy task, but Dog is a master at it. He employs strength, cunning, and the power of persuasion to catch his prey. His work takes him into some rough spots—seedy hotels, drug dens, and tough neighborhoods. No matter where he goes, Dog tries to help out people when he can, when they'll listen. He's a big believer in second chances, having turned his own life around. After serving time in a Texas penitentiary, Dog vowed to redeem himself by operating on the right side of the law. It is his own criminal past that inspires him to help the fugitives he hunts down to go straight.

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