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Dirty Pair Flash

Dirty Pair Flash 1 finds Kei and Yuri early in their partnership and embroiled in a conspiracy and in a battle with a female assassin who was one of the original Dirty Pair team. Dirty Pair Flash 2 follows Kei and Yuri as they escort a 3WA computer consultant to solve a mystery at the World's World Historical theme park. In Dirty Pair Flash 3, shortly after Kei and Yuri return from Worlds End, they are involved in a variety of adventures. First, Kei is on the run as she protects a baby from killers; the Dirty Pair fight off a pint-sized assassin; they play volleyball in outer space; Yuri finds herself in a love triangle with herself; and finally the Dirty Pair help their reluctant boss fight off an old enemy.

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