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Bordertown: Laredo

Laredo, Texas is under siege. The small city on the U.S.-Mexico border is overrun by the sophisticated and large-scale trafficking operations of Mexican drug cartels. With unprecedented access, A&E’s new series Bordertown; Laredo follows five members of the Laredo Police Department Narcotics Unit determined to take back their community and protect their country. The largest inland port on the U.S.-Mexico border, Laredo is the premier gateway used by Mexican drug cartels to transport illegal narcotics into the U.S. and export billions of dollars in cash to Mexico. Bordertown: Laredo gives viewers exclusive access to the drama and conflict that unfolds along the border as the cops work with confidential informants, carry out undercover missions, and execute raids in order to seize shipments of cocaine, marijuana, heroin and crystal meth before they can be distributed to cities and towns across America.

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