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Bionic Woman

Her old life is over. Imagine being killed in an accident, except you didn’t die. An innocent victim of a failed assassination attempt on her boyfriend, Jaime Sommers (Michelle Ryan) had no choice in what happened to her. To save her life, her body has been reengineered with experimental bionics and her world has turned upside down. Jaime has awoken with a new strength and greater responsibilities. Now she is faced with working for the secret organization that created her, headed by enigmatic Jonas Bledsoe (Miguel Ferrer, Crossing Jordan) — or risk going rogue and being destroyed by the same company. While she learns to deal with her new abilities, Jaime is also charged with raising her younger sister Becca (Lucy Kate Hale, The O.C.) and providing some sense of normalcy. The choice is now hers. A new life begins.  

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