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Billy The Exterminator

Join in as A&E follows Billy Bretherton and his pest-removing family as they are called to take care of Louisiana's most extreme extermination cases with a perfect blend of drama and humor. A former U.S. Air Force Sergeant and 15-year pest management industry veteran, Billy runs Vexcon with his business partner and wild-card brother Rick, droll and matter-of-fact father Bill, office manager and feisty-tempered mother Donnie, and beloved wife Mary. Whether it's a giant 8-foot alligator walking down a street in an affluent neighborhood, baby raccoon inside the wall of an office, 70,000 bats who call a stadium home, or a wild, pet-eating bobcat, Billy and his family get the job done with enough skill, energy and wit to keep even the most squeamish viewers wanting more. Billy's approach to pest control is both assertive and understanding, making sure his search-and-rescue efforts include release of as many animals as possible back into the wild.  

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