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It's a rare breed of person who's in the business of saving lives. When federal agencies or units within the Dallas, Kansas City, or Detroit police departments need help, S.W.A.T. is called in to respond 24/7. With their superior knowledge and training in special weapons and tactics, they are a cut above the rest - strong, fast, and larager than life. A&E rides shotgun with these tough, highly skilled S.W.A.T. officers as they handle adrenaline-pumping, life-threatening operations. Whether it's barricaded murder suspects, hostage rescues, suicide attempts, or dangerous drug busts, these men and women risk their lives to save others every day. But their mettle is also tested off-duty, dealing with troublesome romances, family crises, physical injuries, and personal passions. To these men and women, whether it's S.W.A.T. operations or personal drama, everything is high stakes.

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