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Who is for? is designed for academic researchers, university instructors, college students, programming hobbyists, and HCI developers. Show us how you can take the PS Move beyond traditional gaming and into areas such as:

  • Games and tools that support kids' physical fitness and nutrition.
  • Kid-friendly programming interfaces for computer/technology classes or individual learning.
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation.
  • Sports physiology or fitness training.
  • Music and the creative arts.
  • Augmented reality, 3-D, and other leading-edge technologies.
  • Addressing physically-challenged or special education needs.

What do I need? works with the PS3™ system and PlayStation®Move technology so to use, you'll need:

  • PlayStation®3 system.
  • PlayStation®Move motion controller.
  • PlayStation®Eye camera.
  • PC, or other internet-connected device.

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