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March with the Devil: Confessions of a French Foreign Legionnaire

MARCH WITH THE DEVIL is the true story of Dominiquie Vandenberg who became a martial arts champion at a very early age until a tragic accident took everything he loved and drove him into the French Foreign Legion Special Forces. Vandenberg signed on for a five-year stint and saw engagement in Africa and Bosnia. But his inner torment from his Legion days fueled his desire to become an advisor/soldier-for-hire. He engaged in dangerous, brutal "black ops" -- secret missions not attributable to the organization carrying them out -- where he literally was on his own. Director Martin Scorsese loves MARCH WITH THE DEVIL and says: “Dominiquie Vandenberg is a modern-day warrior poet whose fight choreography is like a ballet that he mixes with images from a brutal past. A natural talent that was born in blood.”

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