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Kipper: Puppy Love

NOTHING EVER HAPPENS: Kipper is excited to discover a magician's top hat. But when he overlooks a magic wand, he misses out on the magic it can bring to a boring day. TIGER'S TORCH: What better place to shine Tiger's new torch than on a camp-out! Can Kipper use the torch to find out what appears to be a monster lurking in the dark? PIG'S SHOP: Kipper and Tiger visit Pig's sweet shop but have no money. Pig offers to trade his candies for their conkers, but is Tiger's champion conker real? COUSINS: Who's eating Kipper out of house and home? It's Mouse's cousins who have overstayed their welcome! Will they ever leave? THE KEY: Mouse is jealous of Kipper's toy clockwork mouse, but when Mouse tries to get rid of it, she discovers that the toy is a fun playmate after all! THE MISSING TAPE MYSTERY: Arnold's birthday gifts include a cassette player - but the tape is missing! After questioning everyone, Tiger discovers the tape in a surprise location!

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