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Elvis and Annabelle

Anabelle is a small town beauty queen being groomed for success by her overly ambitious mother. All her decisions are made for her, she just has to make sure she fits the part. Elvis is working without a license as a mortician at his eccentric father’s mortuary. His sense of family duty and love for his ailing father keep him from following his dreams. Nothing would have brought them together, but their worlds collide when Anabelle tragically dies and ends up on Elvis’ embalming table. Elvis magically revives Anabelle with an innocent kiss and news of her miraculous recovery sparks a media frenzy. Worn out by her mother’s efforts to capitalize on all the attention, Anabelle decides to hideout in the only place where she knows no one will look; the mortuary. With the reluctant help of Elvis, but the enthusiastic support of his father Charlie, Anabelle is finally able to start taking control of her life.

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