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100 Years of Evil

Berlin 1945. At first glance US Air Force flight 545D does not reveal anything eye catching. It looks just like any other military cargo plane taking off for the U.S. But a closer look in the planes cargo compartment would puzzle any spectator. 13 men in handcuffs, chained to each other - and they all look like Adolf Hitler. Over half a century later Norwegian researcher Skule Antonsen sides with Spanish documentary filmmaker Idelfonso Elizalde to follow in the footsteps of Adolf Munchenhauser, one of the 13 Hitler look alike war prisoners who was secretly transported to the U.S for investigation. When Munchenhauser is released from detention in 1946 he is allowed to stay in the U.S. Is it possible that Adolf Munchenhuser really was Adolf Hitler? As Skule's quest for the truth continues it becomes clear that there are powerful forces that will do anything to stop him.

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