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The future of high-definition

The future of high-definition

Built-in Blu-rayTM Player, HDMI output for true HD 1080p resolution

If you love playing games and watching TV and movies in HD, then the PS3™ system offers the best possible viewing experience with your HDTV. Glorious 1080p resolution puts the whole world in focus. Everything is crisp, clean, perfect. But if things start getting fuzzy, we do have some advice: approach TV with damp paper towel. Wipe. Wipe some more. Return to couch. Enjoy.


  • Room to grow

    Room to grow

    We didn’t practically double the PS3™ system’s memory for nothing. So start downloading games, add-ons, free demos, movies, and TV series already.

  • Completely connected

    There’s nothing like built-in Wi-Fi*. Free yourself from plugs, cords, and any excuse not to get the content you want, the second you want it.


Experience a new dimension in gaming

Get true stereoscopic 3D

Enjoy a whole new dimension of 3D movies, sports, and video games from Sony, the leader in 3D entertainment. Play true stereoscopic 3D video games, the best high-definition Blu-ray™ movies, and exclusive games, only on the PlayStation®3 system.

Using true stereoscopic 3D, your PlayStation®3 system is already capable of playing games with unmatched depth and realism when hooked up to a 3DHDTV system.

And with a growing selection of 3D titles, the PlayStation®3 system is the best way to bring gaming experiences for all ages into your living room. Look for 3D logo on PlayStation®3 games.

PS3™ 3D game

Play the world

Free PlayStation®Network membership connects you to friends and awesome strangers*

Gaming with friends is fun. But sometimes they say, “I need to sleep now” or “I can’t feel my thumbs anymore.” Then what? Luckily, you can still play on PlayStation®Network. With over 38 million members, there’s always a multiplayer online game to join or people to chat with. And with hundreds of games and free demos available for download at PlayStation®Store, there’s no shortage of stuff to try and trophies to collect.

*User responsible for applicable internet fees

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Playstation Plus

Get a new level of access

PlayStation®Plus delivers a whole new level of access and convenience so you can spend more time doing what you love…playing games! PlayStation®Plus includes cool stuff like Full Game Trial where you can try before you buy. Or, have the opportunity to get early access or invitations to select demos and betas. Best of all, the value pays off with killer exclusive discounts and free games and content from PlayStation®Store.

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