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Software Updates

If technology won’t stay still, neither should your PlayStation®3 system

Software Updates

Evolution is free and easy

Keeping ourselves healthy and looking good: hard. Keeping your PlayStation®3 system in top form: easy. System software updates are constantly adding new features and upgrades as well as additional security features so you don't have to worry about your PlayStation®3 system becoming outdated or missing out on cool new features.

Blu-ray 3D™ disc playback

Enjoy a whole new dimension of 3D movies, sports, and video games from Sony, the leader in 3D entertainment. Play true stereoscopic 3D video games, the best high-definition Blu-ray™ movies, and exclusive games, only on the PlayStation®3 system.

XMB™ access in-game

With XMB™ in-game access, you don’t have to quit the game when someone sends you a message. Just pause your game and get access to everything you need.
Find out more about accessing XMB™ features during a game.

Trophies for champions

You play. You win. Now you can make sure everyone knows it — your profile displays each of your trophies in detail, your overall trophy level and what you need to reach the next level. You can also check your friend's trophies and compare them, then tease them mercilessly when you get way ahead of them in God of War®III. Find out more about trophies on the PlayStation®3 system.

Keep track of your friends

You’ve always been able to see when your friends were online, now you can find out when they last logged in to PlayStation®Network. That’s pretty exciting. At least for us it is: now we can create an elaborate chart tracking everyone’s schedules to make sure we have optimal teams ready for SOCOM at 1AM. Everyone’s doing it! Or maybe it’s just us.

Enjoy the web with Adobe Flash Player 9

The PlayStation®3 system’s Internet Browser now supports Adobe Flash Player 9. That means you can play flash games, watch flash intros, and get the full experience of every website you browse.

Improved video controls

Use Scene Search to easily navigate through your saved videos, like chapters on a DVD. Or set it up to watch your videos one after the other to keep the entertainment going.

XMB™ Internet search

Need to find something fast? Now you can start an Internet search directly from the XMB™ screen.
Find out more.