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Parenting when you're not in the room

The PlayStation®3 system offers security settings to make your job as a parent easier. Restrict what your kids watch or play using rating systems like the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating system for games, and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings for movies. Once the Parental Controls are set, the PlayStation®3 system will only allow authorized games, movie or audio content to be played. And the Parental Control settings can only be changed with the system password, which only you will know.

Parental Controls

The PS3™ system's Parental Controls allow parents to restrict access to local content from a variety of sources including
• Games
• Blu-ray DiscTM (BD) movies
• DVD movies
• Other locally saved content that supports parental control

Internet Browser Start Control

You can also restrict Internet use with an Internet Browser Start Control. This control makes the PS3™ system's Internet browser password protected, so only you can get online.

Trend Micro Web Security

Trend Micro Web Security for the PS3™ system is a service which blocks harmful, fraudulent and malicious sites on the Internet, especially those that are inappropriate for your kids and family.1

Parental Controls

Your kids won’t be able to access certain downloads from the PlayStation®Store if you restrict them to a particular level in a game or movie rating system. Demos, previews, and videos for mature audiences just won’t be available. You can also keep track of what they can or cannot buy or rent, including TV series, movies and games.