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Life With PlayStation®

Get up-to-the-minute news and weather

Life with PlayStation

Live on the LIVE CHANNEL

Get real-time news and information in an interactive 3-D globe on the LIVE CHANNEL. Check out weather information from The Weather Channel, global cloud coverage from University of Wisconsin-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center, top news headlines from Google News™ or see incredibly cool live camera images (partially provided by The Earth Television Network) of nearly 60 cities around the globe. This is the future, everyone. Looking out the window to check the weather is so 2005.

Become a super-computer on the Folding@home™ channel

With Stanford University's Folding@home project, your PlayStation®3 system can help research diseases whenever you're using Life with PlayStation®. Folding@home is a distributed computing project. People around the world download and run Folding@home software and together make up one of the largest supercomputers in the world. The goal of the project is to understand protein folding and misfolding, and how they relate to diseases and many forms of cancer. Participation in Folding@home by the PlayStation®3 system user community has been phenomenal. As of February 2008, over one million registered PlayStation®3 system users were participating. Read more about Folding@home for PlayStation®3 system at
Find out more about Life with PlayStation® at

Parental Controls

Everything the kids want, nothing you don't


Parenting when you're not in the room

The PlayStation®3 system offers security settings to make your job as a parent easier. Restrict what your kids watch or play using rating systems like the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating system for games, and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings for movies. Once the Parental Controls are set, the PlayStation®3 system will only allow authorized games, movie or audio content to be played. And the Parental Control settings can only be changed with the system password, which only you will know.

Parental Controls

The PS3™ system's Parental Controls allow parents to restrict access to local content from a variety of sources including
• Games
• Blu-ray DiscTM (BD) movies
• DVD movies
• Other locally saved content that supports parental control

Internet Browser Start Control

You can also restrict Internet use with an Internet Browser Start Control. This control makes the PS3™ system's Internet browser password protected, so only you can get online.

Trend Micro Web Security

Trend Micro Web Security for the PS3™ system is a service which blocks harmful, fraudulent and malicious sites on the Internet, especially those that are inappropriate for your kids and family.1

Parental Controls on PlayStation®Network

Your kids won’t be able to access certain downloads from the PlayStation®Store if you restrict them to a particular level in a game or movie rating system. Demos, previews, and videos for mature audiences just won’t be available. You can also keep track of what they can or cannot buy or rent, including TV series, movies and games.

Whats New

Check y'our PlayStation® XMB™ for the latest games, releases and news

Whats New

See the latest games, videos and news from PlayStation® and PlayStation®Network in our "What’s New" section. Located under the PlayStation®Network icon, “What’s New” gives you a quick run-down of new releases you might like and your recently played games.

Just click on an item in "What's New" to see more info or follow the link to the PlayStation®Store to buy it. And with the addition of recently played games, you can start a game right from the “What’s New” screen by selecting a game and pressing the START button.

To check out "What's New", go to the PlayStation®Network icon
PlayStation® Network > What's New and press the What's New button

Customize Your PlayStation®3 system

Because your PlayStation®3 system should be as unique as you are

Customize Your PlayStation

Personalize your XMB™ home menu

Remember when you wanted to paint your room black and your parents said no and you screamed “You don’t own me!” and “You can’t control me!” and other stuff that made everyone uncomfortable? No? Maybe that was just us. Last week. The point being: we’re not the boss of you. Personalize the XMB™ home menu on your PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system with custom themes, backgrounds and icons that you can get for free from PlayStation®Network. You got this PS3™ system, so make your own.

Background color

You can manually change the color of your XMB™ background. Blue when you’re feeling blue, orange when you’re feeling however an orange feels. You can also schedule a color change automatically by setting a time or date, just to switch things up a little.


Since you’re storing all your photos on the PlayStation®3 system anyway, use your favorite photo or digital image as a wallpaper.
• Make sure the image you want to use for wallpaper is saved onto the   PlayStation®3 system's Hard Disk Drive (HDD).
• In the XMB™ home menu, go to the Photo section.
• Select the image you wish to use as the wallpaper and press the X button to   display the image.
• Press the Triangle button and on the Photo Control Panel, highlight [Set as   Wallpaper] and press the X button.
• Using the Left and Right analog sticks, in/out or move the image to the part of it   you want to display.
• Once you’re done, press the X button and the image will be set as your   wallpaper.
• Reward yourself for your creativity and design skill with a nap, or possibly a   waffle. You earned it.

Custom themes

Change the whole look - icons and background - with a custom theme. PlayStation® has plenty of sweet themes. Just go to your XMB™ home menu, then hit Theme in the Settings section and select Theme Settings. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, the Internet provides thousands more options. Download the one you want and upload it to your PS3™ system instantly.

Create your own theme

You got this PS3™ system, so make your own. Use the Custom Theme Converter and a graphics application program like Photoshop or MSPaint to design custom XMB™ icons or a truly custom background image. We particularly enjoy MSPaint designs, ourselves. Our tutorial: take a picture of your dog. Use MSPaint to draw a mustache on him. Make that pic your background. Win the love and admiration of everyone you meet.