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Access your world from your PlayStation®3 system

It seems silly to scatter our electronic lives across a hundred different systems – music on our iPods, games on our PlayStation®s, photos on our computers, and then we’re stuck streaming Netflix movies on our tiny laptop screens. Wasn’t technology supposed to make things easier? That’s why the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA®) magically connects your entire life – access your photos, music, personal videos, or your computer from a PlayStation®3 system.

DLNA & the PlayStation®3 system

DLNA is a global collaboration of hundreds of the most trusted brands, all working together to help make computers, gaming systems, and mobile and electronic devices work together seamlessly. The PlayStation®3 system is DLNA Certified, which means it can share and exchange media with other DLNA-compatible digital devices like computers, digital video recorders and TVs. So you can stream media content from a DLNA-enabled device right to your PlayStation®3 system.
Find out more about DLNA at.

Remote Play

PSP® and PlayStation®3 systems play nice together


Access to the ultimate home entertainment system from just about anywhere

Remote Play lets you access your PlayStation®3 system with your PSP® system via a wireless Internet connection. That means you can access media files on your home console —music, videos, pictures— from your PSP®system. The PSP® system can even fire up your PlayStation®3 system remotely from stand-by mode with Remote Start. And when Remote Play is combined with DLNA®, you can use your PSP® system to access media files stored on your home computer.

Online Features

Your online world awaits


Online gaming

There are over 42 million people on PSN and they all have access to free online gaming. So they're playing everything from first person shooters to "pick-up and play" puzzle games online. Join multiplayer games happening 24 hours a day, or launch new ones with friends. There are plenty of online games you can play on your own, but there’re always a few million people around if you feel like being social.

Connect with friends

Use text, voice or video chat for real-time communication. See who’s online, what they’re playing, and what trophies they’ve won. Meet up with your friend’s avatars at PlayStation®Home and send out invites to get a team together for an online multiplayer game.


PlayStation®Store has tons of game content: browse, download and enjoy games, free demos and fresh map-packs and other add-ons like new songs for music games. Or rent and buy movies and TV series from PlayStation®Store. Over 9000 TV episodes, almost 2000 movies, and hundreds of games are available online now with more are added every day. Everything is in one place and easy to find, and even easier to pay for with a PlayStation®Store Card or wallet.


Explore a connected world with PlayStation®Home, a 3D community for PlayStation®3 system users that works like a virtual gaming platform. It features exclusives games like Sodium, with 50 full levels of game play that you can’t access anywhere else. Plus it’s got tons of free mini-games and exclusive rewards.

PlayStation®Home is also perfect if you’re looking to play online multiplayer games like Uncharted 2: Among Thieves™ with friends. Join an existing game or launch completely new games from various specially designed spaces. It’s easy to set up the parameters you want – which characters, which map – and get a game going by using PlayStation®Home’s chat features.

System software updates

Get the newest improvements first. Update your system software using the System Update Method directly from the XMB™.

Internet Browsing

Yep, you’ve got Internet access too


The Internet, right in your console

Use your PlayStation®3 system to get online using a high-speed wireless connection and browse the Internet on your big-screen TV. Everything looks better on your TV, from movies to home videos, so why not the Internet?

Internet connection

The first step? Set up a wired or wireless Internet connection on your PlayStation®3 system.

PlayStation®3 system Internet browser

Now get to browsing. The PlayStation®3’s Internet browser lets you use your PlayStation®3 system to download new content directly to your PlayStation®3 system, watch videos, do Google searches or just mess around online.

Download to HDD

The PlayStation®3 system’s enormous hard disk drive (HDD) means you can download content straight to the PlayStation®3 system from the PlayStation®Store. There’s room for tons of games, add-ons, demos, HD movies, TV series, photos, podcasts, music and whatever else you want to save.

Internet search (powered by Google)

Has someone just told you that cracking your knuckles causes baldness? This calls for Google! Start an Internet Search directly from the XMB™.


Hook up a USB-certified or Bluetooth-enabled keyboard and mouse to make browsing even easier.