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Free Online Multiplayer Gaming

  • Play online games for free.
  • Coordinate strategies across battlefields with friends, share creations with family, or experience unforgettable journeys with co-op gameplay.
  • Earn trophies as awards and testaments to your gaming abilities.

High Quality Movies, Music, Games and More

  • Go to the PlayStation®Store and get new games, demos, and DLC add-ons for your games. Or explore a full library of the latest and greatest in movies to download.
  • Stream thousands of 3D and HD movies along with your favorite TV shows through Netflix, Hulu Plus, CinemaNow, and VUDU.
  • Watch sports like never before with NHL Game Center and Watch multiple games, stats, highlights and much more.
  • Stream millions of songs instantly across multiple PlayStation® devices via Music Unlimited.

Connect with Friends

  • Explore PlayStation®Home: a social game platform with hundreds of games and millions of people.
  • Use voice and video chat to stay in touch with friends.
  • Build your friend lists, send messages and game invites.
  • Make your voice heard on the PSN Community forums. Learn more about PSN Downloadable Games, find new PSN friends, or just share your thoughts!


Playstation®Plus Subscription Card
  • PlayStation®Plus is the premium subscription service for PSN that gives you free games, huge discounts and great exclusives all for about $4 a month.* Click here to learn more and get access, today.
  • *Just under $5 monthly subscription cost based on 12-month subscription price of $49.99.
Buy 12 Months

Just under $5/month.
Get a year of Plus for $49.99.

Buy  3  Months

Just under $6/month.
Get 3 months of Plus for $17.99.