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Hundreds of games – from the new hotness to classics – plus trophies, online gaming, and exclusive downloads


Hundreds of the games you want

The list of games for the PlayStation®3 system is growing daily. The PS3™ system delivers the goods from some of the industry's hottest franchises, like SOCOM, to the most anticipated games of the year, like God of War® III. Whatever you want to play, chances are the PS3™ game library has it.

Digital games

Download exclusive games directly from the PlayStation®Store and meet up millions of members to play online multiplayer games. Get access to free demos and add-ons and dominate the competition to collect game trophies. Or take a minute to explore PlayStation®Home, an interactive virtual gaming platform where you can build yourself a sweet-looking avatar and join and launch games online.

Greatest Hits

Get the most popular and best selling games for the PS3™, PSP® and PS2™ system at a reduced price in our Greatest Hits section. Awesome games like Soulcalibur® IV and LEGO® Batman™ don’t fade away. They become Greatest Hits.

Welcome to the next generation of gaming

The PS3™ system was the first to use the Cell Broadband Engine™, an advanced microprocessor that lets your PS3™ system work at incredibly fast speeds to give you the best possible gaming and viewing experience.

In addition to the advanced processor at its heart, the PS3™ has a built in High Definition Blu-ray™ player and enormous hard disk drive (HDD) storage. That means you can store mammoth amounts of games and media on your machine and you can watch HD movies in all their glory.


Show off the spoils of victory


Let 'em know who they're up against

With PlayStation®Trophies, you don't need to brag. Your trophy case does that for you.

Earn trophies

There are four types of trophies: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. You receive one every time you beat a level or beat up enough bad guys. As you play, you earn different trophies until you’ve collected all the trophies available for that game and are awarded the shiniest of all the trophies: the platinum. Your entire trophy collection is combined to determine your level.

Trophy collection

Your Trophy Collection (under Games on the XMB™) shows what trophies you've earned and which ones you still need to unlock, game by game. You can click through to get full details on each trophy's requirements.

PSN profile

See your trophies and more on your PSN profile. Your profile displays recent trophies, total trophies, as well as your overall level. It also shows you exactly how far you have to go before you reach the next level. Just think of it as motivational; if you ever manage to sneak away from your PlayStation®3 system for any length of time, you’ll always have that one last missing trophy to get you back to gaming where you belong.

XMB™ In-Game

Change things up on the fly


The glory of pausing

Say you're playing a game and you need to do something. Send a message, change the music, locate an M&M that has disappeared somewhere on your person, whatever. Don't quit - just press the PS button and use the XMB™ to pause the action.


Talking with friends or other players in the middle of a game is easy. Chat by text or use your headset to voice chat. You can also add new friends or check other player's profiles (including their Trophy collections) to know who you're up against while you’re playing.


Want to jump into an online game? You can change your Bluetooth settings in the middle of a game so you can use your headset to play online. And adjusting other settings without leaving game-play is just as easy.

Trophy collection

Check out your Trophy Collection to see what you've earned to date, or take a look at the challenges you might want to tackle next. This can come in handy during long quests or battles. Go back and look at those shiny pixels of platinum you’re fighting for. Getting more trophies than your friends is the best way to prove your gaming domination.