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Surround Sound System

Surround Sound System

The official all-in-one surround sound solution for the PS3 system.
Surround Sound System is the first single speaker audio solution designed specifically for the PlayStation®3 system. It comes with four sound fields and two sound modes designed to enhance the overall gaming experience. Utilizing Sony's proprietary S-Force technology, the Surround Sound System creates the equivalent of a home theater system bringing to life sounds not normally audible with conventional acoustic systems. The Surround Sound System's sleek and compact design allows you to bring dynamic sound to any part of your home.

Surround Sound System Surround Sound System
  • Key Features

  • Proprietary S-Force technology creates the equivalent of a surround sound system
  • Four sound fields (standard, stereo, vivid, dynamic) and two sound modes (night, dialog) designed specifically for gaming
  • 2.1 channels
  • Integrated subwoofer for added convenience
  • Sleek and compact design matching PS3 system aesthetics
  • Sound Fields

  • Dynamic: Delivers tones in a wide spectrum of frequencies from low to high creating a more dynamic sound experience.
  • Standard: Calibrates game audio to match the sound quality originally defined.
  • Vivid: Provides the most wide range of sounds while enhancing the surround channels.
  • Stereo: Designed for games which utilize 2-channel stereo sound.
  • Sound Modes

  • Night: This feature allows users to hear sounds clearly at low volume levels
  • Dialog: This feature provides greater clarity for speech and narration in games and movies.