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PlayStation® 3D Glasses

PlayStation® 3D Glasses

Compete in true PlayStation® stereoscopic 3D.

Essential equipment for your 3D gaming experience, the universal* PlayStation® 3D Glasses fully immerse you in the heat of gameplay. With best-in-class ACTIVE 3D quality and built-in USB rechargeable batteries, the intensity never stops.

* Compatible with Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, and Sharp ACTIVE Shutter 3D ready displays that use IR emitters

  • Product Overview:

  • Best-in-class ACTIVE 3D quality delivers full HD playback without the resolution loss of PASSIVE 3D
  • Fully immersive vision universally compatible with ACTIVE 3D TVs
  • Lightweight, stylish design allows you to focus on the game with maximum comfort
  • Minimizes 3D crosstalk and reduces “ghosting” effects
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries let you play up to 30 hours without interruption
  • Optimized to sync seamlessly with the PlayStation® 3D Display
  • Exclusively supports SimulView™ technology

  • FAQ – PlayStation® 3D Glasses

    Are these PlayStation® 3D Glasses meant only for gaming?

    Absolutely not. While the glasses have been optimized for the 3D gaming experience, they offer best-in-class 3D quality and are universally compatible with ACTIVE 3D TVs.

    I see that these glasses come with built-in rechargeable batteries. How fast do they charge?

    The glasses are fully rechargeable via the included micro-USB cable. If you need a quick charge, 3 minutes of charge will get you approximately 3 hours of 3D play. If you want a full charge, 30 minutes of charge will get you approximately 30 hours of 3D play.

    What is crosstalk and how do the PlayStation® 3D Glasses minimize crosstalk?

    Crosstalk is 3D distortion that occurs when ACTIVE 3D glasses are not communicating properly with the 3D display. This occurs most often when a user is watching 3D content and the glasses are not in a “normal” viewing angle (for example if you’re laying down on the couch sideways and your head is tilted). With the PlayStation® 3D Glasses, this effect is minimized.

    Why do the glasses appear so dark when I am watching 3D content?

    The glasses have been optimized for 3D gaming and while they appear darker in peripheral views (eg all areas other than the display), it does not affect the amount of brightness you receive from the display.