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3D on the PS3™ System FAQs

We thought you might ask

How does Stereoscopic 3D work?
What do I need to play games in 3D?
What makes Stereoscopic 3D the best way to see things in 3D?
What’s the difference between Built-In 3D HDTV and 3D-Ready or 3D-Enabled HDTV?
What games can I play in 3D?
How do I access 3D content on my PlayStation 3?
Do I have to use a Sony 3D TV?
I have a flatscreen HDTV that isn’t 3D capable. Can I still play 3D games through my PS3?
If a game is in 3D, can I still play it in 2D on a regular television? Will it look as good?
What if I already own a game like wipEout® HD. Will I have to buy it again to play it in 3D?
I bought a game that said it was in 3D, but it doesn’t look right on my 3D HDTV. What’s wrong?
Can I play 3D Blu-Ray™ movies on my PS3?
What resolution does the PS3 play 3D games?
Can I use any pair of active shutter glasses with my TV?
Do I need a special HDMI cable?