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Big family fun starts with features

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Entertainment for everyone was never easier

Why does one in three U.S. households have a PlayStation®2 system? It's actually pretty easy to understand. It's because the PlayStation®2 system has something for everybody.


The library is massive. More than 1800 games that span every genre, including exclusive games like Ratchet and Clank®.

Online play

Built-in Ethernet and modem ports let you get online and join multiplayer games for free*.

*User responsible for internet fees.


Watch your DVD movie collections or listen to your your CDs with the PlayStation®2 system’s built-in DVD/CD player.

Slim & lightweight design

The right size for any room. The PlayStation®2 system is about as small as a hardcover book.

Audio for your ears

Dolby® Digital sound puts you right in the middle of it.

Controller response

The DUALSHOCK®2 Analog Controller puts you in control with pressure sensitivity on every action button and analog thumbsticks for enhanced mobility.


Games, games, and still more games


You want games? Oh, we've got games

The PlayStation®2 system has a game for you, your mom, your best friend and everyone else you know. The massive PlayStation®2 game library—with over 1800 games—spans every genre imaginable. So find your game. And then another. And another.

But it's not just about the number of titles. The PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system's enhanced visuals combine gravity, friction and environmental elements to produce amazingly accurate physical simulations and high-resolution 3D graphics. And the Dolby® Digital AC-3 and DTS sound capabilities further enhance your gaming experience.

Online Gaming

The game is bigger than you realize


Multiplayer gaming 24/7

It's a big world out there. Extend your gaming. With the built-in Ethernet and modem ports, it's easy to play online with the PlayStation®2 system*. Play, strategize and compete with online friends and opponents. Different time zones? Different countries? No problem. With millions of PlayStation®2 systems* connected online, there's always someone to play against.

*Some PS2™ systems require a Network Adapter (sold separately) to access online multiplayer games.


Because it wouldn't be "home entertainment" without movies


It does everything but make the popcorn

The PS2TM system is your home entertainment system; play games, music and movies all on one machine. Get rid of the stereo and DVD player cluttering up your space. Enjoy your favorite movies right from your PlayStation®2 system. The picture's great and Dolby® Digital sound gives you the full theatre experience.


Stop and listen to the music


Music? It's no problem for PlayStation®2 system

The PlayStation®2 system has what you need. Games? You knew about that. DVD movies? Check. Music CDs? Yep. We've got that covered too.

With the PlayStation®2 system's built-in DVD/CD player, you can enjoy your entire CD collection in one compact system. And it sounds great with Dolby® Digital sound.


Memory Cards

Save it, store it, keep on playing


Save what you want, delete what you don't

You can save a PlayStation®2 system games to memory cards to save game data, copy game data from one memory card to another, or delete it and start fresh.


The power is right there in your hands


See the action, feel the action

This is the one time in your life when you really want to feel explosions, punches and car crashes. They all come alive with the DUALSHOCK®2 analog controller. The DUALSHOCK®2 delivers an intuitive gaming experience. Pressure sensitivity is built into every action button (up to 255 levels of sensitivity) and enhanced mobility is available with the analog thumbsticks. A controller is included with every PlayStation®2 system or grab another DUALSHOCK®2 controller to play with friends.