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PlayStation®2 Systems FAQs

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How can you upgrade the PS2™ system hard drive?

The PlayStation®2 hard disk drive is removable and upgradeable. You can upgrade the hard drive by removing it and replacing it with a larger-capacity drive.

What is the Cell Broadband Engine and how does it benefit the consumer?

The Cell Broadband Engine is the digital soul behind the PlayStation®2 system. Years in the making, engineers from Sony, SCEI, IBM, and Toshiba have developed an advanced microprocessor unlike any other. The Cell Broadband Engine has up to eight Synergistic Processor Units (SPUs) or "cores" to help balance the processor workload thus making it more powerful and more efficient than traditional "single-core" processors. Breakthroughs in fidelity, believability, and hyper-reality enabled by the raw power of the Cell Broadband Engine processor provide limitless experiences.

What is HDMI?

High-Definition Multimedia Interface* (HDMI) is an industry-supported, uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface. HDMI provides an interface between any compatible digital audio/video source, such as a set-top box, DVD player, an A/V receiver and a compatible digital audio and/or video monitor such as a digital television.
*HDMI cable not included. Additional equipment may be required to use the HDMI connector.

Can I add more USB ports on the 80GB PlayStation®2 and 160GB PlayStation®2 system models?

You can connect a high-speed, USB-certified hub*.
*Commercially available high-speed, USB-certified hubs sold separately.

What is the SIXAXISTM motion-sensing system used in the controller?

The SIXAXISTM motion-sensing system found in the PlayStation®2 allows users to maneuver the controller as a natural extension of their bodies. With this system, sensors read when a player angles, tilts, thrusts, or pulls the controller, all in real-time and with high precision. The SIXAXIS technology is found in both the SIXAXISTM wireless controller and the DUALSHOCK®2 wireless controller.