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Logitech NetPlay Controller

Logitech NetPlay Controller

Boost your online gaming performance with the Logitech® NetPlay™ Controller. This all-in-one device combines the fun of a dual-vibration feedback controller and the convenience of a USB keyboard with full-size keys. The comfortable design with smooth grips contours to your lap and delivers everything you need to enjoy the next generation of PlayStation®2 games.

Logitech NetPlay Controller Logitech NetPlay Controller
  • Dual-vibration feedback motors let you feel all the action.
  • 8-way pressure-sensitive D-pad and 10 buttons deliver all the control you need.
  • Dual mini joysticks feature user-selectable digital and analog modes.
  • Eight feet of cable so you can stretch out.
  • Full-function keyboard detaches from unit for extra versatility.
  • Controller licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.

    Logitech®, the Logitech logo®, and other Logitech® marks are owned by Logitech® and may be registered.

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