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Entertainment packed

Something for everyone in the family. And the neighborhood. And the state.

The PlayStation®2 system is one of the most popular consoles on the planet. And there’s a good reason: thousands of games that appeal to everyone. Play LEGO® Batman™ with the whole family or settle down for a couple hours of hunting down mythical deities in God of War®. Everyone has their own taste and we’ve got the games to suit yours.

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Sony PlayStation® 2 Console

More than just gaming

Movies. Music. Endless entertainment.

The PlayStation®2 system goes beyond gaming. It becomes your entertainment center. The PlayStation®2 system plays CDs, DVDs, and hundreds of games. That includes online multiplayer games and classics like MLB®, Ratchet & Clank® and Twisted Metal®, plus tons of our most popular PS2™ games at a reduced price in our Greatest Hits section. Over 1800 games and your music and movie collection are waiting.

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