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Status. PlayStation® MVP ("MVP") are not employees of Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC, its parent company or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates ("SCEA"). Nothing in these Terms and Conditions ("Terms") or otherwise shall make or be construed as making a MVP an employee of SCEA. MVP and SCEA are independent parties with neither party acting as a legal representative, agent, joint venturer, partner or employee of the other party for any purpose. MVP have no authority to bind SCEA. MVP status may be revoked by SCEA or MVP at any time for any reason with or without notice. However, continued participation as a MVP means that the user agrees with the then current Terms.

No Compensation. MVP are a part of a non-paid volunteer-only program, wherein MVP may be asked to provide certain services in connection with the PlayStation®Network. SCEA will not provide MVP with any cash, financial or monetary payments ("Compensation") in consideration for any services. MVP should participate in the Program and carry out the MVP responsibilities outlined herein without any expectation of Compensation. Also, SCEA will not reimburse MVP for any expenses incurred in performing any services. MVP should refrain from receiving any Compensation from any third party for their role as a MVP.

Uphold Agreements and Act Responsibly. MVP must abide by the terms and conditions of the PlayStation®Network Terms of Service and User Agreement ("User Agreement"). In addition, MVP should conduct themselves respectfully and professionally while providing services for SCEA. MVP must refrain from engaging in, communicating or circulating any illegal or offensive content or materials which includes but is not limited to,ethnically, racially, religiously, culturally or sexually offensive, insulting, demeaning, threatening, abusive or harassing messages or content. SCEA reserves the right to terminate a MVPs status and their access to the PlayStation®Network if they fail to comply with SCEA's requirements under this Program. If they participate or interact with other PlayStation® branded properties ("Other PlayStation® Sites"), they must abide by the respective terms and conditions of the Other PlayStation® Sites, which may differ from those of the PlayStation®Network.

Uphold Privacy Policy. As part of the User Agreement, MVP must abide by PlayStation®Network's privacy policy. Without limiting the scope of such privacy policy, MVP may not share, gather, or circulate personal contact information or other users' contact information. This information includes, but is not limited to, real names, email addresses, phone numbers, residential or business addresses and passwords. MVP absolutely may not, under any circumstances, share accounts or account information with any party for any reason. MVP are prohibited from allowing other users to access their PlayStation®Network account for any reason.

Feedback. As part of providing some selected services, MVP will be asked to provide SCEA with their views and feedback for PlayStation®. MVP may send SCEA ideas for improvements, enhancements and other changes in connection with PlayStation® ("Suggested Changes"). MVP must agree that SCEA may implement such Suggested Changes in whole or in part without any notice or attribution, payment or other compensation, to MVP or any third party and that such Suggested Changes will become SCEA's intellectual property to use for any purpose.

Distinguishing Digital Items. MVP may be provided with distinguishing digital items that will identify them as MVP. SCEA strongly encourages MVP to use these distinguishing items when MVP are providing services to SCEA so that other PlayStation® users may identify them as a member of the Program. MVP may use the items while performing Program functions such as aiding in event hosting or new community member orientation. Upon termination of a user's MVP status, the user must cease using the distinguishing items.

Special Access. As part of their role in the Program, MVP may be given product entitlements and special access to content for the express and sole purpose of performing services under the Program. MVP must identify themselves as members of the Program and disclose their access to entitlements and content as a result of their membership, in the manner provided by SCEA. Failure to disclose Program membership or available benefits of the Program will result in revocation of the user's status as a MVP.

Misrepresentation. MVP may not misrepresent or falsify (i) their association with SCEA; (ii) their status, authority or abilities as a MVP, or any aspects of the Program; (iii) any reporting or communication; (iv) any portion of PlayStation® or the PlayStation®Network, including its features, abilities, services and products; or (v) any other product and service offered by SCEA.

Communication. Except as otherwise stated herein, MVP are prohibited from communicating on behalf of SCEA to any third party, including PlayStation® community members, media, developers, partners or the general public. From time to time, SCEA may provide MVP with SCEA official messages ("Approved Communications"). MVP may provide the Approved Communications to PlayStation® users during SCEA permitted times only, andpursuant to any other conditions required by SCEA.

Moderation. MVP do not have moderation authority and may not threaten community members with any punitive or remedial action, including suspension or banning of accounts.

Personal Business. MVP may not conduct personal business on the PlayStation®Network and Other PlayStation® Sites, including use of the PlayStation®Network to conduct their own promotional, commercial or marketing activities.

Rights Reserved. In the event of any violation of any terms of this Notice, SCEA may (i) suspend or terminate user's MVP status; (ii) suspend or ban MVPs use of the PlayStation®Network; and (iii) contact the appropriate authorities as reasonably necessary to protect the interest of SCEA.

Indemnification. MVP will indemnify, defend and hold harmless SCEA, its officers and employees against any third party claims, demands, liability actions or proceedings resulting from MVP breach of the foregoing terms and conditions, rules and policies and against all claims and actions and expenses incidental to such claims or actions.

Confidentiality. MVP will keep in confidence and will neither use nor disclose any information concerning any non-public or proprietary information that MVP may have access to as a result of being a MVP to any third party except as otherwise permitted by SCEA as per paragraph above entitled "Communications." SCEA may make MVP aware of special time frames in which MVP can release any confidential information, and MVP agree to not release such information until the appropriate time.