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There's no need to be ashamed of the mobile games you play. You're like us. You expect great games everywhere. PlayStation®Mobile liberates you by delivering the level of gameplay you've always expected.



Currently, there are over 50 fun-to-play games available on PlayStation®Mobile. Many of these games were developed specifically for the PlayStation®Mobile platform. Availability varies by region. All PlayStation®Mobile games are 'cross-buy', enabling you to purchase the game once and download it on up to three of your PlayStation® certified devices.

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From January 22nd through March 31st, 2014, when you purchase the Xperia™ Z1S smartphone, and check out the preloaded Xperia™ Lounge app, you’ll receive; 10 free PlayStation Mobile games, 6 free movies including the hit film Captain Phillips, and a 60 day free Music Unlimited trial.
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Devices You can download and play PlayStation®Mobile games on any of these PlayStation® Certified devices.

PlayStation® Certified devices provide assurance to consumers that the device they hold in their hands is optimized for playing PlayStation®Mobile games. Sony Computer Entertainment has created a certified license program and is working with several top hardware manufacturers, including HTC, ASUSTeK, Wikipad, Fujitsu, Sony and Sharp, to make PlayStation Mobile available to even more smartphone and tablet users around the world. Currently, certain Android-based devices, as well as the PlayStation® Vita system, are PlayStation® Certified devices.


PlayStation®Mobile games are developed by established game companies, small indie teams, and even one-man shops. Developers and publishers like that PlayStation®Mobile gives them a very engaged audience of million of gamers for their products. it helps to ensure their games don't get lost in huge app stores that don't necessarily cater to the tastes of the gaming community. It's a win-win for both developers and gamers. The PlayStation®Mobile Developer Portal has all of the information you need to make games for the PlayStation® Nation.