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Time to fill up your PSP®system with games, movies and more

Your PSP® or PSP®go system is built so you can play more than just games, so use it for everything awesome: gaming, watching movies and TV series, and getting exclusive PlayStation® content. PlayStation®Store is the premier destination for entertainment, so go there to download new games, PS one® classics, free* game demos, add-ons, movies, exclusive PlayStation® shows, and TV series. You can save them directly to your PSP®go system or use free* Media Go software to download and organize games and movies on your PC, then transfer everything to your PSP® system or a memory stick.

Sony Entertainment Network account

Register for a free* Sony Entertainment Network account to get things started* then click on the PlayStation®Store icon to start shopping. It's under PlayStation®Network on your system's XMB™.**

**Requires an Internet connection. User responsible for internet fees. Some services or features may require additional fees.

PSP® or PSP®go


PlayStation®Store is the best place to get downloadable games for your PSP® and PSP®go systems. We keep everything you need in one place, including full PSP® games like the ever-popular Gran Turismo®. You can also find PlayStation®Network exclusives that aren’t available anywhere else like PixelJunk® Monsters Deluxe. Then there are the PS one® classics you know and love, free* game demos, add-ons like new map-packs, mini games and more.

Game demos

Try out new games before you buy with free*, playable demos. Play the first few levels to see if a game’s for you, then download the full game from PlayStation®Store.

Downloadable Movies, TV shows and more

Rent or own thousands of movies and TV shows by downloading from PlayStation®Store. Renting starts at $2.99 while downloading-to-own usually costs a few dollars more. Download directly to your PSP® system or use Media Go software to store and organize everything on your PC first.

Game add-ons, trailers, wallpapers and more

Get add-ons like map-packs and music tracks to expand your favorite games, watch game trailers, or get exclusive new themes and wallpapers.

*Requires a Sony Entertainment Network account, updated System Software and a PSP® system with internet connection. User is responsible for internet fees.

Connect your PSP® system and your PC with Media Go

Download and install the Media Go software to your PC and browse PlayStation®Store right from your desktop. You can download games, add-ons, movies and TV series, then connect your PSP® system to your PC using a standard USB cable, and transfer your downloads directly to your PSP® system.

Media Go also lets you subscribe to podcasts and video blogs so you automatically get new episodes on your PSP® system, or you can use it to rip songs and synchronize playlists, podcasts, and recently added media. Media Go keeps your PSP® system organized, up to date, and full of the best new content.

Connect your PSP® system and your PC with Media Go Download Media Go